Single reads versus multiple reads

Regardless of which method for accessing data is used (generic or specific), the Z Data Tools Service Provider starts a Z Data Tools “view” session to read records from a given data resource.

Starting a Z Data Tools view session incurs a performance overhead. Consequently, the Z Data Tools Service Provider supports the reuse of a session when multiple reads from a data resource are required by the API caller. This feature is unnecessary when a single read is required.

When executing an initial API call to read data, the API caller can indicate in the request payload that a session is required for subsequent reads. In this case, the service provider starts a view session and returns the requested records and a token that can be used on subsequent API calls. Instead of terminating the session after the initial API call, the service provider maintains the view session until either the API caller indicates that it is no longer needed or it times out through inactivity.

Tip: To reduce the performance overhead of starting a Z Data Tools view session, use this feature in API calls when performing multiple rather than one-off reads from a data resource.