Swagger documentation

The z/OSĀ® Connect API Editor automatically generates Swagger documentation during API creation. A swagger.json file is created within the API project.

Figure 1. z/OS Connect Swagger JSON
Example of Swagger documentation file

This content is also available via REST API from the z/OS Connect WLP server. For example:

GET        https://your.server:port/<apiBasePath>/api-docs

Where <apiBasePath> is the name of your API as specified in the API Editor.

The swagger.json content can be viewed in a Swagger document editor such as Swagger UI or Swagger Codegen. Alternatively, you can use the z/OS Connect EE Servers view in Eclipse: right-click on the API and select the Open in Swagger UI menu option.

Figure 2. Viewing swagger.json content in Swagger UI
Example of Swagger documentation file