zconbt command line utility

The zconbt utility expects as input a properties file and generates as output a SAR file.

The input and output file names are passed as parameters to the utility. For example:
> zconbt -p=customer1.properties -f=customer1.sar 
The Z Data Tools Build Toolkit plug-in expects the properties file to nominate a data resource (file) and a matching Z Data Tools template, view, or copybook. The plug-in uses this information to build the SAR file. For example:

As with all SAR files, the name must be unique. For Z Data Tools, the provider must be zdatatools. The host, port, userid and passwd properties are used during SAR file creation to connect to a z/OS® system to access the template which is used to generate the SAR file’s JSON response schema.

The z/OS system must be running a ZCC server (HFISRV) on the host and port number provided. The user ID must have read access to the template, view, or copybook file. The connid property associates the generated SAR file with a configuration element in the server.xml of the z/OS Connect WLP server. For example:
    id="default" runport="2800" max_timeout="1800"

Once a SAR file has been created, it can be used to build z/OS Connect APIs using the z/OS Connect API Editor. See Creating z/OS Connect APIs for more information.