GDG Entry Detail panel

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Figure 1. GDG Entry Detail panel
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 Z Data Tools                   GDG Entry Detail                    Line 1 of 4
Command ===> __________________________________________________________________

 GDG Catalog Entry:
    Data set name . 'DTORNEY.GDG'
    Catalog ID  . . 'CATALOG.USER3.SYSPLEXD'

 GDG BASE Attributes:
    Creation date . 2015.246
    Limit . . 255      Maximum number of generations
    Scratch . N        Empty . N         FIFO  Y
    Extended  N        Purge . N

 GDG Associations:
    Related NONVSAM 'DTORNEY.GDG.G0001V00'
                    ****  End of data  ****

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