Setting your default processing options

Many of the processing operations performed by Z Data Tools utilize default values that can be set from within the Z Data Tools application. By adjusting these values, you can customize Z Data Tools so that its behavior is best suited to your needs. Your settings for these options are stored in your ISPF profile, and are invoked when you log in, regardless of which workstation you use.

You can update these default values by accessing the relevant processing option panel.

To access a processing option panel, use any one of the following methods:

When you select an option processing type, Z Data Tools displays a panel listing those options and their current values. The following notes apply to all of these option panels:

The use of most of these processing options is discussed in the section that the option affects. For example, the use of Set Print Processing Options panel is described in the Printing from Z Data Tools section of the Managing data sets chapter. Only those processing options that affect more than one area of Z Data Tools functionality are described in this section.

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