Starting Z Data Tools

For information about running Z Data Tools in non-ISPF mode (batch processing), see Functions.

How you start Z Data Tools in ISPF depends on how it has been installed on your system. Typically, Z Data Tools is installed as an option on your z/OS® Primary Option Menu:

Figure 1. z/OS Primary Option Menu panel showing Z Data Tools option
   Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Options  Status  Help
                            z/OS Primary Option Menu

 0  Settings      Terminal and user parameters
 1  View          View data
 2  Edit          Create or change source data
 3  Utilities     Perform utility functions
 4  Foreground    Interactive language processing
 5  Batch         Submit job for language processing
 6  Command       Enter TSO or Workstation commands
 7  Dialog Test   Perform dialog testing
 9  IBM Products  IBM program development products
 10 SCLM          SW Configuration Library Manager
 11 Workplace     ISPF Object/Action Workplace
 S  SDSF          Spool Display and Search Facility
 Z  Z Data Tools  Z Data Tools         

      Enter X to Terminate using log/list defaults
 Option ===> Z________________________________________________________________

To start Z Data Tools:

  1. Select the Z Data Tools option from the z/OS Primary Option Menu.
    Note: If Z Data Tools is not an option on your menu, ask your system administrator to explain the startup process used at your site.

    When you start Z Data Tools, the Z Data Tools Primary Option Menu is shown, with the current version information displayed in a pop-up message box.

    Figure 2. Z Data Tools Primary Option Menu panel with version information
      Process   Options   Help
     Z Data Tools                 Primary Option Menu
     0  Settings      Set processing options                 User ID . : USERID
     1  View          View data                              System ID : FMD2
     2  Edit          Edit data                              Appl ID . : HFM
     3  Utilities     Perform utility functions              Version . : 1.1.0
     4  Tapes         Tape specific functions                Terminal. : 3278
     5  Disk/VSAM     Disk track and VSAM CI functions       Screen. . : 1
     6  OAM           Work with OAM objects                  Date. . . : 2018/12/12
     7  Templates     Create, edit, or update templates      Time. . . : 11:02
     8  HFS           Access Hierarchical File System
     X  Exit          Terminate Z Data Tools
    │HCL Z Data Tools Version 1 Release 1 Modification 0             │
    │19OP1220 Base Component                                         │
    │Licensed Materials - Property of IBM* and HCL**                 │
    │(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1986, 2017 - All Rights Reserved.       │
    │(C) Copyright HCL Technologies Ltd. 2019 - All Rights Reserved. │
    │* Trademark of International Business Machines                  │
    │** Trademark of HCL Technologies Limited                        │
     Command ===>
      F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
      F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
  2. Press Enter to close the version window.

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