The character string DROP tells Z Data Tools to not write the current record to the primary output data set. The effect of specifying DROP on the RETURN instruction depends upon the Z Data Tools function or panel being used:
  • For DSC or Copy Utility (option 3.3), the current record is not copied to the target data set.
  • For DSP or Print Utility (option 3.2), the current record is not printed.
  • For DSU, the current record is not updated, regardless of any changes that have been made to the data in the variable OUTREC.
  • For DSEB, the current record is not updated, unless the UPDATE function has already been called for the current record.

If this string is returned by a REXX procedure run in conjunction with the DSC function or Data Copy Utility and REXX member selection has been specified, it is treated as if it was a RETURN with no argument strings and a warning message is issued. Subsequent records continue to be passed to the REXX procedure until a decision has been made on whether to DROP or PROCESS the member.

Here are some examples:
Return 'Drop'
Return drop  /* assumes no variable named 'drop' has been assigned */