In-place edit

This type of In-place edit only keeps records in storage that are currently displayed or that have been modified. The data records are replaced in the data set from the modified records kept in storage when you enter a SAVE, END, or FILE command.

When Z Data Tools uses this editing technique, it displays "Inplace Edit" in the top left of the editor panel title line.

Z Data Tools uses this type of edit when you have selected Inplace edit and the data set being edited is too large to be loaded entirely into memory.

The distinctive thing about both In-place edits, as the name is intended to convey, is that records may only be updated in place. Inserts, deletes, and record length changes are not possible. Note that for VSAM RRDS in In-place mode, the delete and insert commands have a slightly different meaning than normal, in that slots may be marked as empty by the delete command and made active again by the insert command.

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