Accessing Tutorial Help

The Tutorial Help system is both context-sensitive and structurally organized. You can get directly to the information you need, using the context-sensitive access method or you can enter the Help system at a specific location and navigate to any topic information within the structure.

To access a context-sensitive Tutorial Help page:

  1. Place your cursor on the Command Line or anywhere in the panel that is outside of a field entry line.
  2. Press F1. The Tutorial Help page associated with the current panel is displayed.

    When you access the Tutorial Help in this way, the first page that is displayed may be a main topic page, with a menu listing the associated sub-topics, or it may be a sub-topic page, depending upon the context from which you started.

  3. Navigate through the Tutorial Help pages, to find the information you require (see below for a list of navigation commands).
  4. When you have finished, press F3 (Exit) to return to your starting panel.

The Tutorial Help system is organized with a Table of Contents structure that is based upon the Z Data Tools Primary Options menu. Each entry within the Table of Contents leads to a main topic with a number of associated sub-topics. In addition, there is an index that lists selected topics from the Tutorial Help, alphabetically by subject.

To choose your starting point in Tutorial Help:

  1. Select the Help pull-down menu from any panel Action Bar.
  2. Enter the option number for the Tutorial Help entry point that you require. These are:
    1. Help for help
    Displays the Help panel for the Tutorial Help system.
    2. Extended help
    Displays the Tutorial Help panel associated with the current Z Data Tools panel (equivalent to pressing F1 from the Z Data Tools panel). When on the Primary Options menu, this is the Tutorial Help Table of Contents panel.
    3. Keys help
    Displays a panel that provides help for the Function Keys that are active on the current Z Data Tools panel.
    4. Help index
    Displays the Help Index.
    5. Tutorial
    Displays the Tutorial Help Table of Contents panel.
    6. About
    Displays the Z Data Tools version and release information in a pop-up window.
    7. News about Z Data Tools
    Displays a panel providing general information about the current Z Data Tools version/release.

To navigate Tutorial Help, enter one of the following commands in the Command line on any Tutorial page:

To back up to the previously viewed page.
To skip the current topic and go on to the next topic.
UP or U
To display a higher level list of topics.
TOC or T
To display the Table of Contents.
To display the Tutorial Index. Once the Index has been displayed, use the RIGHT (F11) and LEFT (F10) keys to scroll through the list, then position your cursor on a subject and press ENTER (Ctrl) to display the topic.

Alternatively, you may use the following keys whenever you are in the tutorial:

ENTER (Ctrl)
To display the next sequential page within a topic.
To display the Help Tutorial page within the Tutorial Help system (that is, the page that describes how to use Tutorial Help).
END (F3)
To terminate the tutorial.
UP (F7)
To display a higher level list of topics (instead of typing UP).
To skip to the next topic (instead of typing SKIP).
To display the next sequential page within a topic (instead of pressing ENTER).
LEFT (F10)
To display the previous sequential page within a topic (instead of typing BACK).
Note: The listed keys are the default key mappings. As you can customize key mappings, they may be different on your system.