Holding columns when scrolling left or right

You can hold or “free” fields so that, when you scroll left or right in TABL display format, those fields are always displayed on the left of the screen regardless of how far you scroll. To hold a field, enter H in the Cmd field.

When you hold a field, “H” appears in the middle position of the SHE column on the Field Selection/Edit panel, and “1” appears in the Seq column to show it is the first held field. If you hold a second field, “2” appears in the Seq column to show it is the second held field, and so on.

Note: The sequence numbers of held fields are independent of any other sequence number you might add. Held fields always appear as the leftmost columns on the screen (in the order that you held them when editing the template) and take priority (as far as the left-to-right display is concerned) over other fields.