IAM Entry Detail display

IAM is a product that provides an alternative for VSAM (KSDS and ESDS) cluster processing. This is provided through its own emulation code and internal data set format. The data sets that IAM creates are considered by z/OS® as non-VSAM data sets (with a DSORG of either PS or DA).

Z Data Tools recognizes when IAM is present and when displaying information about non-VSAM data sets provides IAM-related information for those data sets that are controlled by IAM.

IAM Entry detail panels contain information describing the non-VSAM data set that IAM uses to emulate a VSAM cluster. This includes the data set name, the catalog in which it belongs, the type of cluster being emulated (KSDS or ESDS), creation and expiry dates of the data set and, if applicable the SMS classes associated with this non-VSAM data set.

The IAM product provides its own form of LISTCAT information which it normally sends to the IAMPRINT data set or, if no IAMPRINT DD is allocated IAM sends the LISTCAT information as TSO messages to the user's screen (when using TSO). Z Data Tools dynamically allocates a temporary data set to the IAMPRINT DD in order to capture and present this information on the same panel as the non-VSAM data set details.

Note: For more information, refer to your IAM documentation.

If you select an IAM entry, the IAM Entry Detail panel is displayed. Figure 1 shows an example of the first part of this panel. You can scroll up and down the list of parameters.

Figure 1. Example: Catalog Services parameters for an IAM entry (first panel)
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 Z Data Tools                   IAM Entry Detail                   Line 1 of 32

 IAM NONVSAM Entry details:
    Catalog Id . . . . 'CATALOG.UCATAPC'
    Data set name  . . 'HFMUSER.TESTMV.IAM.ESDS'
    VSAM data type . . ESDS          (KSDS or ESDS)
    Creation date  . . 2001.331      Expiration date  . (NONE)
    SMS managed  . . . Y             Data class . . . . *UNKNOWN
    Storage class  . . BASE          Management class . STANDARD
    Last backup date . 0000.000.0000

 IAM details from IAMPRINT:
        FILE FORMAT -- =  ENHANCED  -  FILE STATUS ----------- =  LOADED
        RECORD SIZE -- =     27990  -  FREESPACE - CI% ------- =       0
        CI SIZE ------ =     32768  -  FREESPACE - CA% ------- =       0
        BLOCK SIZE --- =     32760     EXTENDED PE ----------- =    8635 BLOCK
        BLOCK FACTOR - =         1  -  REQUESTED OVERFLOW ---- =         0 RECS

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