In-memory edit

With this type of edit, Z Data Tools first tests the available TSO region size and, if the region is large enough, reads the entire data set into memory before displaying the first screen of data. This may cause a noticeable delay whilst loading, but subsequent operations are quicker. As with any usage of large amounts of TSO region, a large Z Data Tools editor region can also have a noticeable effect on other address spaces or cause excessive paging.

When Z Data Tools uses this editing technique, it displays "Edit" in the top left of the editor panel title line.

The data set is completely rewritten from the records kept in storage when you enter a SAVE, FILE, or END command.

Z Data Tools uses In-memory edit when:
  • You have not selected Inplace edit, and
  • The data set is a QSAM data set (this may be a member of a PDS or PDSE) or a VSAM REUSE data set, and
  • You have not specified a starting point or record limit, and
  • The entire data set is small enough to fit comfortably within the available TSO region