Invoking Z Data Tools panels from outside Z Data Tools

Z Data Tools panels can also be invoked directly from any REXX procedure, TSO clist or ISPF Command line. To do this, enter the function name for the required Z Data Tools panel (as listed in the “Equivalent function” column in Summary of Z Data Tools panels). This method of invoking Z Data Tools causes ISPF to display a panel for the specific function allowing you to enter the values required for function processing.
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                           |               (1) |   

  1. The data_set_name parameter is only allowed for the DSV function, to invoke View (option 1), and the DSE function, to invoke Edit (option 2).

For example, from any ISPF Command line, you can enter the following command to display the Z Data Tools Print Utility (option 3.2) panel:

If you specify a valid data set name after DSV (Data Set View) or DSE (Data Set Edit), Z Data Tools:
  • Bypasses the entry panel (where you would normally specify the data set name and other options, such as the name of a stored template you might wish to use when displaying the data set).
  • Goes directly to viewing or editing the specified data set.

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