Invoking Z Data Tools panels from REXX procedures or TSO clists

You can directly invoke Z Data Tools panels from any REXX procedure or TSO clist (or ISPF Command line).

For example, from any ISPF Command line, enter the following command to display the Z Data Tools Print Utility (option 3.2) panel:
(that is, as if you were calling the function, but with no $ before the function name and no parameters following it, except for DSB, DSE, and DSV as described below)
Note: Except for View (option 1) and Edit (option 2), you cannot specify any parameters when you use this method to invoke a panel. If you specify a valid data set name after DSB, DSE, or DSV then you bypass the entry panel (where you would normally specify the data set name), and go directly to viewing or editing the specified data set.

For a complete list of the equivalent function names you can use to invoke Z Data Tools panels, see Summary of Z Data Tools panels.