JUST primary command

In an editor session, the JUST command temporarily toggles numeric fields to left or right justified when in SNGL display mode.


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Note: When numeric fields are left justified, a space is allowed on the left for sign characters (+ or -). When the number is unsigned or formatted so that the sign appears to the right of the number, a blank character is used as a placeholder on the left, so that numeric fields align neatly (but 1 character to the right of alpha fields). Fields with an alphanumeric type such as AN or ZA are always fully left aligned, even when they contain numeric characters. These field types are not affected by the JUST command and do not allow the space for the sign character. For example, in the following display, the first field is fully left aligned because it is an alphanumeric field, the second field shows the sign character, and the numbers in the last field are aligned with the numbers in the second field even though the sign character is not displayed:
Typ Start   Len   Data
AN     26     2   02
ZD     28     4   -654
AN     32    10   John
AN     42    10   Brown
ZD     52     4    1875

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