Key positioning panel

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Key positioning panel
  Process   Options   Help
           Key Positioning                                          Line 1 of 2

 Data set: HFM.RFM0740.HOGN.KSDS
 Field          Data
 M-KEY                         0

 Command ===>                                                       Scroll PAGE
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F5=RFind     F7=Up
  F8=Down      F9=Swap     F12=Cancel                                           

Formatted key positioning allows you to change the current key location using the template provided. All field values that are required to map the key area are displayed using SNGL format.

To control the appearance of the SNGL display, these SNGL display primary commands are available:
  • HEX
  • PIC
  • RDF
  • REF
  • SLOC
  • STR
To scroll the key display, use these commands:
  • BOTtom
  • DOWN
  • TOP
  • UP
To search the display area, use these commands:
  • Find
  • Locate