National characters

Z Data Tools uses the national characters shown in Table 1.

Table 1. National characters
Character Hexadecimal value Displayed as, in code pages 37 and 500
Dollar sign X'5B' $
Pound sign X'7B' #
At sign X'7C' @
  1. The dollar sign ($) and the pound sign (#) have special syntactical meaning in Z Data Tools syntax.
  2. In countries using code pages other than 37 and 500:
    • The above characters as represented on terminal keyboards might generate a different hexadecimal representation, and this might cause an error or unwanted results. For example, in some countries the $ character might generate a X'4A'.
    • The above hexadecimal values might display as different characters to those shown.

When you enter Z Data Tools commands in batch or online, use the keyboard characters that correspond to the hexadecimal values shown in Table 1.