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Compares the value represented by number against the value or values defined by match.

If the numeric value of any of the match arguments is equal to the numeric value of number, then NCONTAIN returns 1. Otherwise, NCONTAIN returns 0.
The value, represented by a number, a function returning a value or a variable to which a value has been assigned, that you are comparing with match.
The value or list of values that you are comparing with number. You can search for up to 20 values at a time.

For a similar function for matching string values, see CONTAINS. For a FASTREXX-eligible equivalent, see FLD_CO.

Example 1

If the current record contains a packed decimal value of 10, 20, or 30 starting at column 8, then print the record.
If NCO(FLD(8,P),10,20,30) Then PRINT(inrec,'CHAR')

Example 2

If the current record contains a zoned decimal value of 11, 12, or 13 starting at column 10, then drop the record from processing.
If NCO(FLD(10,5,Z),11,12,13) Then Return 'DROP'