Copying tape data across a network

To send the contents of a tape across a network:

  1. Use Tape to VSAM (option 4.2.4) or Tape to Sequential Data (option 4.2.5) to copy all the files on the tape, including tape marks, to a VSAM entry-sequenced data set or a sequential data set. See Specifying the number of tape files to process.
    Each tape mark is converted to an 80-character record that has the format:
  2. Transfer the file or data set across the network, using a file transfer program, such as the IBM® File Transfer Program.
  3. At the other end, use the VSAM to Tape (option 4.2.6) or Sequential Data to Tape (option 4.2.7) to copy the data set to a tape. Z Data Tools converts the tape-mark records back to tape marks on the output tape.