Set Processing Options panel

Lists the processing options available within HFM. Selecting an option displays the relevant Set Processing Options panel.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Set Processing Options Menu panel
  Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools                Set Processing Options

 1  Print     Print settings
 2  System    System settings
 3  Tape      Tape processing options
 4  Batch     Job card specifications
 5  Compiler  Language and compiler specifications
 6  EDIT      Editor options
 7  Sharing   VSAM Edit sharing options
 8  Temporary Temporary Data Set Allocations
 9  Output    Output Data Set Allocations
 10 Trace     Trace options

 Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
  F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
1 Print
Displays the Set Print Processing Options panel
2 System
Displays the Set System Processing Options panel
3 Tape
Displays the Set Tape Processing Options panel
4 Batch
Displays the Batch Job Card Information panel
5 Compiler
Displays the Language and compiler specifications panel
Displays the Editor Options panel
7 Sharing
Displays the VSAM Edit Sharing Options panel
8 Temporary
Displays the Set Temporary Data Set Allocation Options panel (option 0.8)
9 Output
Displays the Set Output Data Set Allocation Options panel
10 Trace
Displays the Set Trace Options panel

Equivalent functions

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