Specifying quoted strings

Throughout the Z Data Tools interface, you might encounter places where you need to specify a quoted string, for example, fully qualified data set names, criteria expressions and so on. In these situations, you can use either the double quotation symbol ("), also called simply a quotation mark, or the single quotation symbol ('), also called an apostrophe. However, you must use matching symbols to open and close the quoted string. For example:

"fmndata.test1" and 'fmndata.test1'

are both legitimate ways to specify a data set.

The simplest way to include an apostrophe or quotation symbol as a character in your string, is to use the opposite character as the string delimiters. For example:

'he said, "hello"'

When your string contains a mix of apostrophes and quotation marks, use two consecutive quotation marks ("") to represent a " character within a string delimited by quotation marks, or two consecutive apostrophes ('') to represent a ' character within a string delimited by single quotation marks. For example, to find the string, "he said, "Take it it's yours.", you would type:

FIND 'he said, "Take it it''s yours."'
Note: This document uses the words quotation marks, or quotes to mean either " or '.