Renaming members as you copy

You can use the Copy Utility to change the names of multiple members in a PDS(E), as you copy members from one data set to another. For example, you might want to copy a range of members named TESTxxx to a new data set and rename all of these as PRODxxx.

To rename members as you copy:

  1. In the Copy From panel, enter a member name mask in the Member field.


    Select the Advanced member selection option and specify a range of member names.

  2. Specify the remainder of your copy options, as required, then press Enter.
  3. In the Copy To panel, enter a new member name mask in the form of a member name pattern.

    A member name pattern can consist of any characters that are valid in a member name and two special pattern characters: the asterisk (*) and percent sign (%).

    Asterisk (*)
    The asterisk is a place-holding character that means multiple characters with no change. Only one asterisk should appear in the mask. Any subsequent asterisk characters are treated as percent signs. For example, if you enter:

    The renamed members all begin with ABC followed by the remainder of the old member name.

    Percent sign (%)
    The percent sign is a place-holding character that means a single character with no change. As many percent symbols as necessary may appear anywhere in a member name. For example, if you enter:
    The 1st 3 characters of the renamed members remain unchanged, the 4th character is replaced with the letter “A” and the remainder of the old member name remains unchanged.
  4. Press Enter. The new member names are displayed in the Prompt field on the Member selection panel.
    Sel Name     Prompt   Alias-of Size Created
        DATA1    TEST1               43 01/01/09
        DATA2    TEST2               21 02/09/06
        DATA3    TEST3               40 02/09/06
  5. Select the members that you want to copy and press Enter. The Prompt field entry changes to *COPIED for the members that were successfully copied and renamed.