RESET primary command

The RESET command has different functionality, depending upon where it is used.


RESET in View or Edit

In the View or Edit panels, the RESET command “cleans up” the displayed data. You use RESET to turn off the highlighting of strings found by the FIND command and, when using a template, to restore the state of the SHOW and SHADOW settings to the defaults as set in the Editor Options panels.

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              .-FIND-.                   .-COMMAND-.   

   '-LABEL-'  '-SPECIAL-'   

Resets all pending prefix commands.
“Unexcludes” (redisplays) all excluded records.
Removes highlighting from strings or numeric values found by the FIND command.
Removes all labels from labeled lines.
Removes all special lines, such as the BOUNDS line from the display.

Entering a RESET command without any parameters:

  • Resets everything except record labels (equivalent to entering RESET COMMAND EXCLUDED FIND SPECIAL), and
  • Groups or ungroups not-selected and suppressed records and hides or displays shadow lines according to the current editor options settings.

RESET in member selection panels

In member selection panels the RESET command resets values entered in the prefix area that have not yet been processed and also in the Prompt field. You can specify a member name or a member pattern to limit the scope of the command to matching member names.

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Syntax - member selection panels

   '-RES---' '-member_name-'   

Specifies that all members in the list are to be deselected.
Specifies that the named member is to be deselected. Can be a member name pattern, so that all members with a matching name are deselected.

RESET in Set DBCS Options

In the Set DBCS Options panel, the RESET primary command resets the format definitions to their default value (1,*,EB).

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Syntax (for Set DBCS Options)


RESET in selection lists

In selection lists, the RESET primary command removes all tailorings that affect the selection list.

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Syntax (for selection lists)


RESET in options panels

In the options panels, the RESET command resets the options displayed on the panel to the default options defined in the Z Data Tools options module.

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Syntax (for options panels)


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