Selecting a field for specifying scrambling options

You select a field from the Field Selection/Edit panel (Figure 1). To select a field for specifying scrambling options, enter E in the Cmd field adjacent to the required field. You can enter E against as many fields as you like. For each field you select, Z Data Tools displays a Field Attributes panel.

After you have updated the scrambling options for a field (or any of the other field attributes), when you return to the Field Selection/Edit panel you will see an "E" for that field in the E column (under the "SHE" heading) indicating that the attributes for that field have changed.

The scrambling options you can specify are:
  • Scramble type
  • Value option
  • Value input column
  • Value output column
  • Minimum and maximum values for a numeric range
  • Value data set name

The scrambling options determine how the input data is scrambled (if at all) when it is copied to an output dataset.

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