Specifying scrambling options for date and time fields

You select a field from the Field Selection/Edit panel (Figure 1). To select a field for specifying date or time scrambling options, enter DT in the Cmd field adjacent to the required field. You can enter DT against as many fields as you like. For each field you select, Z Data Tools displays a Date/Time Attributes panel.

The scrambling options you can specify are:

Specifying the scramble type

Select the Random option to have Z Data Tools produce a random date or time output value on each invocation of the copy process. If the Random option is not selected and range Start and End values are specified, Z Data Tools performs repeatable scrambling where the same date and time output value is produced on each invocation of the copy process.

Specifying range values

Range Start and End values must be specified for Z Data Tools to perform scrambling on the date and time field. The Start and End values must be entered as date and time values in the output attribute Format defined for the field. These values define the range from which Z Data Tools can generate scrambled date and time values.