Scramble Exit Specification panel

The Scramble Exit Specification panel allows you to to provide the name of a scramble exit, a constant to be passed to the exit, and to specify whether numeric fields are to be formatted before the value is passed to the exit.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Scramble Exit Specification panel
  Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools             Scramble Exit Specification

 Fixed Attributes:
           Field name  SERIAL-NO
                 Type  ZD
                Start  47
               Length  6

 Scramble Exit:
         Program name          
    Optional constant                                                +

 Scramble Exit Processing Options:
  Format Option
  1 1. None
    2. Format
    3. Leading Zeros

 Command ===>                                                                  
  F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=Expand    F7=Backward  F8=Forward
  F9=Swap     F10=Left     F11=Right    F12=Cancel
Program name
A 1 to 8 character valid load module member name that identifies the scramble exit invoked during a copy operation for this output field. The exit must be in the form of a load module, in any load library available to Z Data Tools at the time of the copy process, either by a STEPLIB DD statement, or in LINKLIST, or LPALIST.
Optional constant
A constant value that is passed to the exit for each call type. To enter a hexadecimal value, press F4 or enter the EXPAND command with the cursor positioned in this field and use the command HEX ON from the expand window.
Format Option
This option is only displayed for numeric fields and allows you to request Z Data Tools to pass the value specified in Optional constant to the exit in one of the following forms:
1. None
Field value passed to the exit in the internal format.
2. Format
Field value passed to the exit as displayed numeric with leading zeros suppressed.
3. Leading Zeros
Field value passed to the exit as displayed numeric with leading zeros.

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