Available catalog services

The services you can choose are:

List catalog entries
Displays a subset of catalog entries based on a generic name or entry type.
Display entry information
Displays the details of a single catalog entry.
Note: In batch, you can use the DSI function to print the details about a data set.
Print catalog entries
Prints a list of catalog entries that match the criteria (data set name, catalog name, and type) that you have specified. The printed output is produced according to the print options you have specified.
Alter catalog entry
Changes the definition of a single catalog entry.
Define catalog entry
Defines a new catalog entry, of the type specified. For non-VSAM entries, you can choose whether or not to allocate the data set as you are defining it. For other data types, the data set allocation is automatically done.
Delete catalog entry
Deletes a single catalog entry.

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