Define the search command with LIBDEFs

Using ISPF option 3.9, specify a command as illustrated below:
Figure 1. Command Table Utility Extended Command Entry
  File  Menu   Utilities   Help
───────────────────────────────Command Table Utility───────────────────────────
                              Extended Command Entry
  Command ===>                                                                 
  Make changes to the command and select Update to update the entry or
  Cancel to ignore the changes.

    Verb  . . . EFind          
    Trunc . . . 2
    Action  . . SELECT CMD(%HFMELIBD FND &ZPARM)                                  
    Description Z Data Tools enhanced search facility                             

    Enter / to select option    
    /  Allow mixed-case in Action field  
                                Update                   Cancel
Note: Choose a command name that is unique, memorable, and short to make the invocation of the search processing easy for the users. Do not use F as that will conflict with the editor FIND command. Alternate names could be ZF or SRCH.