Mapping SMF data with segmented templates

SMF records typically contain a header section with fields describing the following sections.

Typically three fields are used to tell you the offset, length and number of occurrences of a section. Z Data Tools provides three functions that can be used in related identification criteria to aid in mapping these with a segmented template. The three segmented functions are SEGOFF(), SEGLEN() and SEGCNT().

A sample XML template illustrating the usage of these functions in mapping the SMF type 30 record can be found in your sample library (hlq.SHFMSAM1) in member HFMSMF3X. This sample XML refers to the assembler source member HFMSMF3S also found in your sample library. To use the sample XML template copy it and modify the <library>hlq.SHFMSAM1</library> to reflect the correct library data set for the source member at your site.