Selecting files for processing

An absolute path name may specify a file, a group of files with names matching a pattern, or a directory. In on-line mode, the scope of files displayed or processed depends on the last component of the path name specified as shown in Table 1.
Table 1. Scope of files displayed or processed according to pathname specified
Last component of path name specified Files displayed or processed
A file The file is processed.
A directory A list of all names in the directory is displayed. You can select files to be processed.
A name containing wildcard characters A list of all matching names is displayed. You can select files to be processed.
An asterisk (*) Where possible (for example, Print, Copy, Find), all files in the directory (but not in subdirectories) are processed without displaying the list of names.

When you are creating JCL and control statements for submission (in batch), the rules are the same. However, you can only select one file for further processing.

In batch, as it is not possible to navigate through subdirectories and dynamically select files, all files which are referred to by a path name are processed. In the other words, the rules are the same as when processing on-line, except that all files within the scope determined by the path name are selected.