Setting up your ISPF command

There are two methods of setting up your ISPF commands. If LIBDEF invocation of the enhanced list and search is required, copy member HFMELIBD from hlq.SHFMSAM1 to a library that is available in the SYSEXEC DD for your TSO/ISPF users, and modify the exec source as follows:
You can specify JPN for Japanese or KOR for Korean.
hlq = 'HFM'
Results in names in the form hlq.SHFMxxxx if sfx=’’.
optl = ''
Specifies whether there is a separate installation options library.
sfx = ''
Results in names in the form hlq.SHFMxxxx.sfx
hlq2 = ''
libdef fixtest library first in the form hlq2.SHFMxxxx.
sfx2 = ''
libdef fixtest library first in the form hlq2.SHFMxxxx.sfx2.
Note: For a standard installation, you only need to modify the ‘hlq = ‘ value to the installation value. Specify the ‘optl = ‘ data set name if you have customized versions of the installation options module in a different library to hlq.SHFMMOD1.

If you have renamed the exec, modify the command table and keys value to refer to the renamed value of HFMELIBD.