SHOW (REC) primary command

Use the SHOW (REC) command to expose or group not-selected and suppressed records: for a definition of these terms, see Filtering record display using templates. Records that have been grouped using the SHOW command can be represented by shadow lines. You can display or hide the shadow lines with the SHADOW command.

The SHOW command lets you see records that, by default, would not be displayed. Using the SHOW command, you can review records that contain erroneous or corrupt data.

When the display format is TABL, only fields from one record type can be displayed at any one time. Because of this, even with SHOW SUP ON, it is not possible to format records that have a different record type than the one currently being displayed. Instead, each record belonging to another record type is represented by a line (similar to a shadow line) that contains the name of the record type for that record.

If you show not-selected records in SNGL or TABL display format, then Z Data Tools attempts to interpret and format data according to the field definitions for the current record type.

Note: The SHOW command has two usages; the other usage applies to fields, and it is described in section SHOW (FLD) primary command.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram
         .-ALL-.  .-ON--.   
         '-SUP-'  '-OFF-'   

Show or group both not-selected and suppressed records.
Show or group not-selected records.
Show or group suppressed records.
Show the specified types of records in addition to records currently shown.
Group the specified types of records.