Specifying the scramble type

The Scramble Type option determines how data is scrambled when it is copied to the output data set.

Set the scramble type to one of these values:
Data is not scrambled.
1 ("Random")
Data scrambled to produce a random output value on each invocation.
2 ("Repeatable")
Data scrambled to produce the same output value on each invocation.
3 ("Translate")
Data scrambled by using input and output values that are held in the value data set (specified in the Dsn field).

This option requires you to select the Value option with an input and output column (In and Out) and value data set name (Dsn). All records in the translate data set are loaded into memory for the copy operation. The input and output columns provide the location of the input and output field values as stored in the data set. Their lengths are determined by the respective input and output fields that were mapped for the copy operation. If a matching input field value is found, then the corresponding output field value is obtained from the matching record. If no match is found, then the field is initialized to zero, or the value that is determined by the data create attributes.

4 ("Exit")
Data scrambled by using a scrambling exit (as specified on a separate panel). For details about writing a scrambling exit, see the Z Data Tools Customization Guide, SC27-9041.
5 ("ODPP")
Data scrambled by using the ODPP command that is specified in the adjacent command field. This area is the Optimâ„¢ Data Privacy Provider command input area. Refer to the ODPP Syntax Guide for the command syntax.

The ODPP command is a scrollable field. Use the F10 and F11 keys to scroll left and right. Use the F4 key to expand the command into a separate window. This option is only available if Z Data Tools is customized to access ODPP, and the environment is successfully initialized. For more information, see the Z Data Tools Customization Guide, SC27-9041.

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