Specifying and editing a value list

A value list is a list of values which is used in conjunction with the scrambling options to select a value with which a field is populated during a copy operation. When the output field is being populated, one of the values in this list is selected. Scrambling options combine the originating value with the random or repeatable seed to select a value from the list.

For random and repeatable scrambling, you can specify a value list inline by leaving the value data set field (Dsn) blank and selecting the Value option.

To edit the related value list, select the Value option and press Enter. Z Data Tools displays the Value List Edit panel.

The values you provide must be valid for the corresponding field type. Deleting a value list turns off the value list option on the previous panel.

To enter hexadecimal values, use the X'hhhh' format:
To provide leading blanks or a blank value, use a quoted string:
'   SMITH'
'        '

Blank value lines (no quotation marks) are ignored.

Use the FIND and LOCATE commands to bring a value containing or starting with a given string to the current line.

You can use prefix commands to copy, insert, move, repeat or delete lines.

To save the values, press F3. To ignore changes, press Cancel.

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