Set Print Processing Options panel (option 0.1)

The Set Print Processing Options panel is used to set the general printing options for Z Data Tools.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Set Print Processing Options
 Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools             Set Print Processing Options

 Print Options:
    Output destination      Record length      Enter "/" to select option
    1  1. SYSPRINT          2  1. 80              Page skip
       2. Terminal             2. 132          /  Wide print
       3. Data set                             /  Translate non-printable chars
       4. REXX                                    Uppercase message text
                                               /  Data prefix
    Data set DISP           Dump format        /  Header page
    2  1. OLD               1  1. Updown
       2. MOD                  2. Across

    Data set name  . . JHELVON.HFM.LIST                                      
    Output class . . . A
    Lines per page . . 50  
    Record limits  . . (1,*)               (n,m) n=begin column, m=end column

Command ===> __________________________________________________________________
 F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F6=Reset     F7=Backward
 F8=Forward   F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
Output destination
Specifies where print output is sent, except for batch execution.
Send print output to the current SYSPRINT allocation.
Send print output to the TSO terminal.
Data set
Output is accumulated in the print data set specified in the Data set name field. This data set can be browsed using the PB command, or sent for printing to the JES spool queue with class specified in the Output class field using the PRINT command while browsing.
Send output to a REXX stem variable. Each line corresponds to a variable named FILEM.nnn. FILEM.0 contains the line count.

When you use the PRINT primary command in Print Browse (option 3.9), or if you specify batch execution in a Z Data Tools panel, then print output is always sent to a SYSOUT class.

Record length
Specifies the line length of print output.
The line length of print output is 80 characters, suitable for a terminal.
The line length of print output is 132 characters, suitable for a printer.
Note: Record length is not applicable when:
  • The data is printed in TABL format, or
  • You specify the wide format for the compare output listing
In either of the above cases, when data is printed the line length is determined from the number and size of fields printed. If this length is greater than the record length specified for the data set, the print line is truncated. The maximum print line length is 32760.
Data set DISP
Specifies the disposition of a print data set.
The print data set is cleared before each print operation, and print output is written from the beginning of the data set.
Default setting. Print output is appended to the existing print data set.
Dump format
Specifies the format of hexadecimal print output (for example, when you use Tape Print with Print format set to HEX). For an example of each format, see Selecting a display format.
The two digits making up the hexadecimal representation of each EBCDIC character are displayed vertically directly under that character.
The hexadecimal digits are displayed as 2 groups of 4 full words resulting in 32 hexadecimal digits followed by the EBCDIC character display to the right of the hexadecimal display.
Page skip
If selected, print output from each function begins on a new page.
Wide print
If selected, for to-be-allocated (new) print output datasets (online) or for SYSPRINT allocation (in batch), Z Data Tools uses the maximum record length/blocksize of 32756/32760 and record format of VBA.

If not selected, for to-be-allocated (new) print output datasets (online) or for SYSPRINT allocation (in batch), Z Data Tools uses the record length/blocksize of 133/137 and record format of VBA.

Note: This setting only applies when the output dataset is newly-allocated during execution. It is ignored for pre-allocated print output datasets.
Translate non-printable chars
Specifies how Z Data Tools should translate non-printable characters.

If selected, non-printable characters are translated to blanks using a translate table.

If not selected, no translation is performed. Use PRTTRANS=OFF to support special print chains. This may make printing faster.

For instructions on altering the print translate table, see the Z Data Tools Customization Guide.

Uppercase message text
All message text is translated to uppercase.
Data prefix
If selected, when data is printed in CHAR print format, record number and length are included in character-format print output.

If not selected, you can specify DATAHDR=NO to left-justify the data in the print output, without header information.

Header page
If selected, a header page (a title page with Z Data Tools on it) is included in the print output.

If you specified the Output destination as 2 (Terminal), then the header page is not included in the print output, even if you have selected this option.

Data set name
If you specified the Output destination as 3 (Data set), then after you enter the PRINT command while executing the Print Browse (PB) function, Z Data Tools sends print output to this temporary data set.

The default is userid.HFM.LIST, unless changed in your Z Data Tools installation.

Output class
The class of the JES spool queue to be used when the PRINT command is issued while browsing the temporary print data set.
Lines per page
Specifies the number of lines printed on each page of print output. You can specify a value from 1 to 999. The default is 60.
Record limits
When data is printed in CHAR or LHEX print format, limits print output for each record (or OAM object).
The entire record (or block) is printed.
Print output is limited to the data from columns (bytes) n through m. An asterisk (*) specified for m indicates the end of the record.

Child panels

  • None.

Equivalent functions

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