Setting your Print Processing Options

The Print Processing Options control such things as the destination of your print output, the page format to use and the number of records to print.

Additional Print formatting options information (redefined fields, field reference number, field type and length values, picture clause, start location, structure) are shared with the Edit/Browse options and can be set using Edit/Browse options (0.6) in Settings.

To set your options:

  1. From the Z Data Tools Primary Options Menu, select option 0 Settings. The Set Processing Options Menu panel is displayed.
  2. Select option 1 Print. The Set Print Processing Options panel is displayed.
  3. Set your print processing options:
    Output destination
    Where you want the printed output sent:
    Send print output to the current SYSPRINT allocation.

    Typically, SYSPRINT is allocated to the terminal, making this option synonymous with TERMINAL. However, you can allocate SYSPRINT in other ways.

    Send print output to the terminal.
    Data set
    Output is accumulated in the print data set specified in the Data set name field. This data set can browsed using the PB command or sent to the JES spool queue for printing by issuing the PRINT command while browsing the data set. (The output is sent to the JES spool queue class specified in the Output class field.)
    Send print output to the REXX stem variable FILEM.

    Choose this option when you want to control your printing from within a REXX program.

    Record length
    How many columns wide the output is
    Page skip
    Whether output from each function starts on a new page
    Wide print
    Whether the maximum print line length for print output is used
    Translate non-printable chars
    Whether non-printable characters are translated to blanks
    Uppercase message text
    Whether all message text is translated to uppercase.
    Data prefix
    Whether the output contains a data header for each record
    Header page
    Whether the output contains a header page at the beginning
    Data set DISP
    Whether the print output is appended to the existing data set (MOD) or replaces it (OLD).
    Note: This option only affects output sent to the print data set specified in the PRINTDSN option.
    Dump format
    Which format (updown or across) is used for hexadecimal print output
    Data set name
    The print data set where print output is directed when the PRINTOUT print option is set to SYSOUT=c
    Output class
    The class of the JES spool queue to be used when the PRINT command is issued while browsing the temporary print data set.
    Lines per page
    How many lines per page the output has
    Record limits
    Which part of each record to print
  4. Press the Exit function key (F3) to save your changes and exit from the panel.

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