Set Tape Processing Options panel (option 0.3)

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Set Tape Processing Options
 Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools             Set Tape Processing Options
 Set processing options as desired and enter EXIT (F3) to save your changes.
 Enter RESET to restore installation defaults.

 Tape Processing Options:
    TAPELBL  SL_                 SL, AL or AL4, tape label option
    ASCII  . NO_                 NO, IN (YES), OUT, or BOTH

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  F8=Forward   F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel
Specifies the type of labels that are created:
ANSI Version 3 labels are created. (“Version 3” refers to ANSI X3.27–1978, ISO 1001–1979, and FIPS 79 standards.)
ANSI Version 4 labels are created. (“Version 4” refers to ANSI X3.27–1987 level 4 and ISO 1001–1986(E) standards.)
EBCDIC labels are created.

For detailed information about ANSI tape labels, see z/OS DFSMS: Using Magnetic Tapes.

This parameter only affects Initialize Tape (option 4.12).

Specifies requirements for translation of tape data between ASCII and EBCDIC.
Translates tape input from ASCII format to EBCDIC format, and translates tape output from EBCDIC format to ASCII format.
Translates tape input from ASCII format to EBCDIC format.
Does not translate data. This is the default.
Translates tape output from EBCDIC format to ASCII format.

This processing option applies to all tape input and output functions except:

  • Initialize Tape
  • Tape Browse
  • Tape Label Display
  • Tape to Labeled Tape
  • Tape to Tape Compare
  • Tape Update

For Tape Label Display, ASCII translation is automatically performed when needed. For Initialize Tape and Tape Browse, you can specify ASCII input or output when invoking the function. For the other functions, translation is not supported by Z Data Tools.

Child panels

  • None.

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