Summary of Z Data Tools functions

Z Data Tools functions are listed below, arranged according to the tasks they can perform and the data types you can use them with.

Where a Z Data Tools function has an equivalent panel that you can use under ISPF, the panel option number is listed in the Equivalent panel column. Functions marked "(batch only)" cannot be used in REXX procedures or TSO clists.

For a list of functions where you can use templates, see Where can you use templates?.

Listing catalogs and directories

What you can list Function Equivalent panel
System catalog entries SCS 3.4
VSAM catalog entries SCS 3.4
VTOC entries DVT 3.5
OAM objects ODL 6.1
MQ Managers MQL 9.1
MQ Queues Queues 9.1 after selecting a manager

Editing, updating, comparing, and creating data

What you can edit Function Equivalent panel
VSAM data DSEB (batch only) 2
Sequential data DSEB (batch only) 2
CICS® resource DSEB (batch only) 2
What you can update Function Equivalent panel
VSAM data DSU (batch only)  
Sequential data DSU (batch only)  
CICS resource DSU (batch only)  
Note: The difference between updating data (DSU) and editing data (DSEB) is that DSU operates on a per-record basis: each record in a data set is treated separately, in sequence. Using DSEB you can move between the records in a data set as you choose, similar to the way you can scroll around a data set in an edit panel.
What you can compare Function Equivalent panel
VSAM data DSM 3.11
Sequential data DSM 3.11
MQ data DSM 3.11
CICS resource DSM 3.11
What you can create Function Equivalent panel
Sequential data DSG 3.1
VSAM data DSG 3.1
MQ data DSG 3.1
Tape data BT 4.7
CICS resource DSG 3.1

Copying data

Copy from Copy to (function, equivalent panel)
VSAM DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3 VT, 4.2.6 VO, 6.6.3 VX DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3
QSAM DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3 ST, 4.2.7 QT, 4.2.7 SO, 6.6.4 QO, 6.6.4   DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3
Tape TV, 4.2.4 TS, 4.2.5 TQ, 4.2.5 TT, 4.2.1 TTR, 4.2.2 TLT, 4.2.3   TX DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3
OAM OV, 6.6.1 OS, 6.6.2 OQ, 6.6.2   OO, 6.6.5      
REXX XV   XT        
MQ DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3     DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3
CICS DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3     DSC, 3.3 DSC, 3.3

Printing data

What you can print Function Equivalent panel
VSAM data DSP 3.2
Sequential data DSP 3.2
MQ data DSP 3.2
CICS resource DSP 3.2
Tape data TP 4.5
Tape data TP 4.5
CKD disk tracks DP 5.3
OAM objects OP 6.3

Erasing data

What you can erase Function Equivalent panel
Tape records ERT 4.13
OAM objects OE 6.5

Managing data sets

What you can do Function Equivalent panel
Alter a data set DSFA  
Allocate a data set DSFC  
Delete a data set DSFD  
Rename a data set DSFR  

Managing tapes

What you can do Function Equivalent panel
Space backward by record BSR 4.15.3
Space backward by file BSF 4.15.1
Space forward by record FSR 4.15.4
Space forward by file FSF 4.15.2
Rewind REW 4.15.5
Rewind and unload RUN 4.15.6
Initialize INT 4.12
Write tape marks WTM 4.11
Compare two tapes TTC 4.9
Print tape label information TLB 4.8
Print a tape map TMP 4.6

Managing your processing environment

What you can do Function Equivalent panel
Query Z Data Tools version VER See note
Format DBCS data FMT 3.0
End Z Data Tools job EOJ  
Change processing options SET 0
Note: To query the Z Data Tools version from the ISPF interface, select Help > About from the action bar.