Tally register for external REXX functions

Table 1 shows the functions that support a tally register that allows you to report on the function activity.

Table 1. Functions supporting a TALLY register
Function name Counts number of Sample coding for tally literal
CHANGE Strings changed (fld(1),'a','c',0,,,'Change 'a' to 'c' ')
CHG_OUT Strings changed chg_out('a','c',0,,,, 'Change 'a' to 'c' ')
CHG_VAR Strings changed chg_var(myvar,'a','c',0,,,, 'Change 'a' to 'c' ')
CMP_DATE True results cmp_date('maturity-date',,,'rg','2013-01-01','2013-12-31',cmp_date('maturity-date',,,'rg','2013-01-01','2013-12-31','Loans ending in 2013')
CMP_TIME True results cmp_time('start-time',,'HH:MI:SS','>','12:00:00','Starts after midday')
CONTAINS True results co(fld(1,2),'aa','bb','cc',,'Contains 'aa','bb','cc'')
FLD_CO True results fld_co(1,2,c,'aa','bb','cc',, 'Contains 'aa','bb','cc'')
FLD_OUT Invocations fld_out(1,2,3,2,,'Move Columns 1,2 to Columns 3,4 ')
FLD_TM True results fld_tm(1,'01'x,,'Test under mask column 1 for '01'x ')
FLD_TYPE True results fld_type(36,1,Z,'Check Column 36 for valid zoned')
FLDI True results fldi(1,4,b,'>',64,'People over 64')
FLDO True results fldo(1,4,b,'>',64,'People over 64')
NCONTAIN True results nco(fld(36,1),1,4,3,2,,Column 36 contains 1,4,3,2'))
OFLD_CO True results ofld_co(1,2,c,'aa','bb','cc',, 'Output contains 'aa','bb','cc'')
OVLY_OUT Invocations ovly_out('**',1,2,,,'Overlay columns 1,2 with '**' ')
OVLY_VAR Invocations ovly_var(myvar,'**',1,2,,,'Overlay columns 1,2 with '**' ')
SET_FLD Invocations set_fld('emp-bonus',0,'Reset employee bonus to zero')
SET_OLEN Invocations set_olen(84,'b','Change output record length to 84')
SETC True results setc(myvar,'abc',,'Set myvar to abc')
SETN True results setn(mynum,'+2','Add 2 to mynum')
TESTC True results testc(myname,'cu','Smith','Jones',,'Common surnames')
TESTN True results testn(varage,'>',64,'People over 64')
TFLD True results

tfld('Age','>',64,'People over 64')
tfld('Age','NN','Non-Numeric Age fields')
tfld('Age','RG',21,75,'People between 21 and 75' )
tfld('Name','CU','Smith','Jones',,'Common surnames')

TM True results tm(fld(1,1),'01'x,,'Test under mask column 1 for '01'x ')
VAL_FLD Invocations val_fld('emp-no','Retrieved employee number')
VAR_OUT Invocations var_out(myvar,1,2,3,2,,'Move Columns 1,2 to Columns 3,4 ')
VAR_TM True results var_tm(myvar,1,'01'x,,'Test under mask column 1 for '01'x ')