Tape Browse (option 4.1)

Use Tape Browse to browse physical records on a tape. You can display a screen full of records, scroll backward and forward over tape data, search for specific data, and press F2 (Zoom) for a closer look on a single record.

You can specify a range of files to view, and whether to translate ASCII data to EBCDIC for display.

When you select Tape Browse, the Tape Browse panel shown in Figure 1 is displayed.
Figure 1. Tape Browse panel
 Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools                     Tape Browse

 Tapes:  No tapes allocated

    DDNAME to use ._______       enter new name, or select one from above
    Files . . . . . 1____        number of files or EOV
    Initial BSF . . YES_         NO to start from current tape position
    ASCII data  . . NO_          YES to translate ASCII data for display

 Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
 F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=CRetriev  F7=Backward  F8=Forward
 F9=Swap     F10=Actions  F12=Cancel