TLT (Tape to Labeled Tape)

Copy standard labeled tapes with label processing.
Usage notes
Use this function to copy standard labeled tapes (without requiring you to specify every file ID). Labels read from the input tape are interpreted and copied to the output tape. Input from, and output to, multivolume and multiple file tapes is supported.

You can copy all of the files on the tape (the default), or specify the number of files that you want to copy. Copying starts at the current tape position. This lets you select files from the input volume, and append output volumes.

For an input tape containing both labeled and unlabeled files, specify a MIXED tape format. By default, Z Data Tools ends the function and indicates an error when the input tape does not adhere to the IBM® label standards.

Z Data Tools might force BLP when switching to the next volume. If BLP is forced, for security reasons the tape is freed (unallocated) when TLT ends.

In some error conditions (for example, if unexpired output volumes are used), prompt messages are sent to the operator console.

Specify a DDNAME for the tape.

For further information on the use of this function, see Tape to Labeled Tape (option 4.2.3).

You can specify a list of new volume serial numbers to be used to rename (initialize) the output volumes dynamically. Specify an asterisk (*) instead of new serial numbers to copy the serial numbers of the input volumes. By default, the serial numbers of the output volumes are not changed.
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   '-DENS=mm-'  '-NFILES=nfiles-'  '-NEWVOL=-+-*---------+-'   


Refers to a DD or TSO ALLOC statement.
Specifies that bypass label processing is used. This parameter must be specified with the first Z Data Tools function that uses the tape. For BLP processing requirements, see “Customizing the Security Environment” in the Z Data Tools Customization Guide.
A 2-byte tape mode as shown in Tape density and mode values.
Serial number (VOL1) for the initialization of the output volumes. Specify up to five serial numbers in the form (volser1, volser2,…) or specify an asterisk (*) to copy the volume serial numbers of the input volumes. If omitted, the serial numbers of the output volumes are not changed.
Number of tape files to be copied or ALL. The maximum is 99 999; the default is ALL.
Specify one of the following:
When copying a tape containing both labeled and unlabeled files.
When copying a standard labeled tape (the default). Z Data Tools indicates an error if the input tape does not have IBM standard labels.
//TLT JOB (acct),'name'  Tape to Labeled Tape
//TAPE1     DD UNIT=(381,,DEFER),LABEL=(,BLP),
//             VOL=SER=(FMO1,FMO2),DISP=OLD
//TAPE2     DD UNIT=(382,,DEFER),LABEL=(,BLP),
//             VOL=SER=(FMO3,FMO4),DISP=OLD
//SYSIN     DD *