Record Type Selection panel

The Record Type Selection panel is used when creating or editing templates generated from copybooks that contain more than one record type, or one or more segment types. It is used to select a specific record type for editing or display. It is also used to specify that the record type definitions are to be applied to segmented data records.

Panel and field definitions

Figure 1. Record Type Selection panel
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 Z Data Tools                Record Type Selection                  Line 1 of 2

 Processing Option: /  Template for segmented data                 CCSID:      
 Cmd SIE Field Name                                       Prompt   Offset Length
         ****  Top of data  ****
     SI  DEPT                                                           0     25
     SI  EMPLOYEE                                                       0     30
         ****  End of data  ****

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Template for segmented data
If selected (by typing a "/"), the template can be used to access data sets containing segmented data. The template must contain Record Identification Criteria for each Record Type. Each segment in the data set is treated as a logical record within the function, using the Record Type definition.

Default setting is unselected.

The CCSID to be associated with all alphanumeric fields in the template unless the field is in a record which has a CCSID associated with it. If this field is changed those alphanumeric fields in records which do not have an associated CCSID and have the same CCSID will have the CCSID associated with it changed.
Prefix command area - used to enter a template editor prefix command. You can type prefix commands in multiple Cmd fields and then execute all the commands in one action, by pressing Enter. Line commands available on this panel are:
Toggles the selection of a segment layout for processing.

When a segment type is deselected, its field selection criteria are still used to determine whether all segments in the physical record are extracted.

Display the Field Selection/Edit panel, so that you can edit field selection and expression criteria.
Select/Identification/Expression column.
Indicates that the record type has been selected for processing.
Indicates that a record identification expression has been defined for the record type.
Indicates that a record selection expression has been defined for the record type.
Field name
Shows the field name of the record type (level-01 name).
Indicates when the record type has been edited within the current session.
Displays the current offset for each record type. You can overtype the value in this column to change the offset for each record type, or you can enter the OFFSET primary command to change the offset value for one or more record types.
Shows the length of the record. If the record is variable length, this field shows the maximum record length.

Available commands

The following primary commands are available on this panel.

The primary commands that are available on this panel are:

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