Creating key sequencing for use in a multi-segment key

When you use the keyed synchronization comparison option, you can specify up to 16 segments of record information to be used as the key. A key segment consists of the key's location in the “Old” and “New” data sets and the key's length and data type. These values are built using one of the following sources or a combination of these elements:

To create the key segment sequence information in your template:

  1. Display your template in the Field Selection/Edit panel.

    When this is done as part of editing or creating a template within the compare process, the panel shows the Key field in place of the Rdf field. When done as part of editing or creating a template from any other location within Z Data Tools, you need to enter the KEYFLDS command to display this field.

    Figure 1. Field Selection/Edit showing the Key field
      Process   Options   Help
    Z Data Tools                 Field Selection/Edit                  Line 1 of 8
    ----------- Criteria - Enter 1 or 2 to specify expression by field -----------
    1 Id :                                                                       +
    2 Sel:                                                                       +
    Offset      0
    Cmd Seq SHE Key Ref Field Name                       Picture  Type Start Length
                        ****  Top of data  ****
                      1 1 REC-TYPE01                               AN      1     80
                      2  2 REC-TYPE                      XX        AN      1      2
                      3  2 NAME                          X(20)     AN      3     20
                      4  2 EMPLOYEE-NO                   9(4)      BI     23      2
                      5  2 AGE                           9(4)      BI     25      2
                      6  2 SALARY                        9(7)      PD     27      4
                      7  2 MONTH OCCURS 12 TIMES         9(8)      BI     31      4
                      8  2 FILLER                        XX        AN     79      2
                        ****  End of data  ****
    Command ===>                                                       Scroll PAGE
     F1=Help      F2=Split     F3=Exit      F4=Expand    F5=RFind     F6=RunTemp
     F7=Up        F8=Down      F9=Swap     F10=Left     F11=Right    F12=Cancel    
  2. In the Key fields adjacent to the fields you want to use in your multi-segment key, enter a number between one and sixteen.

    Your numbers do not need to start at one and do not need to be sequential, but must be unique. The numbers provided indicate the sequence of the fields within the multi-segment key. If you are using a keyed data set (for example, VSAM KSDS) and want to include the data set's intrinsic key in your multi-segment key, you must start the numbering at two or higher. (The intrinsic data set key is always included at position one in the key sequence.)

  3. Save your template.

When your modified template is used in the compare process, the position and length information of the selected fields is pre-loaded into the appropriate sequence slots of the Keyed Synchronization Settings panel.