Mapping fields between templates

Field mapping can be used when copying or comparing data. When copying, you must specify a “From” and a “To” template (see Copying data sets); when comparing, you must specify an “Old” and a “New” template and specify the Formatted Compare Option (see Comparing data sets). Z Data Tools uses field mapping information stored in the “To” or “New” template to determine which fields are used in the process.

By default, Z Data Tools generates field mapping information by matching the names of fields in the templates (this is case-sensitive). In many cases, the default field mapping is enough to perform the action you require. However, you can also edit the field mapping, allowing you to specify which record types are mapped and which fields within those record types are mapped. You can set up mapping so that, in the extreme case, a field is mapped to a field with a different name, length, and data type.