Selecting records by record type

When working with a data set that contains records of more than one record type, you need to use a copybook or copybook template that describes each type. Dynamic templates cannot be used as they cannot specify more than one record type. Provided that the copybook or copybook template contains more than one type description, each time that you opt to edit the template, the Record Type Selection panel displays a list of record types.

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To select records for viewing or editing using record type:

  1. On your entry panel, specify a copybook or copybook template that contains more than one record type and edit the template.

    This can be done in a number of ways. For example, from the View Entry, Edit Entry or various Utilities panels, you can select the Edit Template option; on the View or Edit panels, you can enter the TE command; or on the Template Workbench panel, you can enter the E command.

    The Record Type Selection panel is displayed.

  2. On the Record Type Selection panel, type an S in the Cmd field adjacent to the type you want, and press Enter.

    This toggles the record type between “selected” and “unselected”. The command only affects the selection of records where Z Data Tools can identify the record as belonging to a particular type. To do this, you may need to add record identification criteria.