Specifying record selection criteria

After specifying the record identification criteria for each record type, you can specify selection criteria to limit which records from that type you want to work with.

To specify record selection criteria:

  1. From your entry panel, edit the template.

    This can be done in a number of ways. For example, from the View Entry, Edit Entry or various Utilities panels, you can select the Edit Template option; on the View or Edit panels, you can enter the TE command; or on the Template Workbench panel, you can enter the E command.

    If the template contains only one record type, the Field Selection/Edit panel is displayed immediately.

    If the template contains more than one record type, the Record Type Selection panel is displayed. In the Cmd field adjacent to the type you want to edit, type the E prefix command and press Enter. The Field Selection/Edit panel is displayed.

  2. Perform either of these actions
    • Enter a freeform expression in the Record Selection Criteria field.
    • Type 2 on the Command Line and press Enter, then specify your record selection criteria by field.

      The Edit Record Selection Criteria panel is displayed. This panel is identical to the Dynamic Template panel, except that:

      • the Field Name, Start, Length and Type fields are not editable;
      • in an 80 x 24 display, the Field Name field is displayed by default (instead of the Start, Length and Type fields).

      When you exit, the expression is returned to the Record Selection Criteria field on the previous panel.

    Note: Freeform criteria expressions and “criteria by field” expressions are mutually exclusive.

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