Where can you use templates?

The following table lists the tasks, panels and functions that support the use of templates:

Task Panel Function
View data View (option 1)
Edit data Edit (option 2) DSEB (batch only)1
Compare data Compare data (option 3.11) DSM
Copy data Copy Utility (option 3.3) DSC
Create data Data Create Utility (option 3.1) DSG
Print data Print Utility (option 3.2) DSP
Update data DSU (batch only)1
  1. For the DSEB and DSU functions, the template is not used during editing or updating; it is only used during enhanced batch processing, when you call the Z Data Tools REXX external function PRINT with SNGL or TABL format.
    The difference between using DSU to update data compared to using DSEB to edit data is:
    • DSU operates on a “per record” basis. That is, each record in a data set is treated separately, in sequence.
    • DSEB allows you to move between the records in a data set as you choose, similar to the way you can scroll around a data set in an edit panel.

    For details on using the DSEB and DSU functions, see Enhancing Z Data Tools processing.

With any of these panels or functions, you can supply an existing template (created dynamically or from a copybook), supply a copybook, or create a new dynamic template. If you supply a copybook, then Z Data Tools compiles it into a template before use.