Template repository import utility

The template repository import utility imports repository entries in XML form from a data set produced by the export utility.

The XML format allows for mass changes to be more conveniently made to repository entries, which can then be imported back to Z Data Tools.

Figure 1. Template Repository Import Utility panel
  Process   Options   Help
 Z Data Tools           Template Repository Import Utility
 Command ===>                                                                  

    Data set name . 'HFM.TEMPLATE.REPOSTRY'                       

 Import data set:
    Data set name . EXPORT.REPOSTRY                               
    Member  . . . . ABC                   _  Edit

 Processing Options:
    Enter "/" to select option
    _  Batch execution                    _  Update entries
    _  Clear print data set
Repository Data set name
(Required) A fully qualified or generic data set name that will be used to identify the template repository data set. If a blank name is entered Z Data Tools will determine the repository name from either the allocated ddname TPREPOS or the HFM4POPT options module if it has been customized to contain the template repository data set name.
Import data set name
(Required) A fully qualified or generic data set name that will be used to identify the data set from where the XML entries will be imported.
If the import data set is partitioned, enter the name of a member that contains the XML data. To select the required member from a member name list, leave this field blank or specify a member name pattern.
Enter / to edit the import data set or member.
Batch execution
Enter / to edit the batch JCL to run the function in batch.
Update entries
Enter / to update existing entries with the same resource name.
Clear print data set
Enter / to clear previous import report data from the print data set.

Import report

When running Z Data Tools interactively with Output destination set to "3. Data set" in the Print Processing Options, you can use the PB command to view the import report.

Figure 2. Example of a Repository Update import report
                              Repository Update Report
Resource Name                                              Status
DEFAULT BASE                                               Added
FI:C68D1FM4:FMDATA                                         Added
HFM.FMDATA                                                 Added
HFM.FMDATA.ESDS                                            Added
HFM.USERZYX.FMDATA.ASM                                     Not updated
HFM.USERZYX.FMDATA.ASM1                                    Added
HFM.USERZYX.FMDATA.COBOL                                   Added
HFM.USERZYX.FMDATA.COBOL1                                  Added

Report description

Resource Name
The name attribute value of the entry or DEFAULT BASE for a default entry.
New entry added.
An existing entry has been replaced.
Not updated
Update entries was not selected and the entry exists.
Template build error
The associated template could not be loaded. This is normally due to a compilation error or invalid template.
Processing error
An error occurred whilst processing this entry. See associated messages.