Working with data set lists

The data set list facility provides an easy way to select frequently-used data sets within Z Data Tools and is available for functions whose entry panel allows you to specify the primary data set and, optionally, a copybook or template.

The data set list facility is available with these functions:
  • Browse
  • Compare
  • Copy
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Print
  • View
Note: The use of data set lists is not supported through the ZDT/CICS interface.

Data set lists are lists of up to 30 data set names, and optionally the names of the volumes on which the data sets reside, member names, Copybook or Template data set names, and member names.

Z Data Tools maintains a special dynamic "reference list" (called REFLIST) of the last 30 data sets referenced by the function entry panel.
Note: Merely typing a data set name in a panel does not cause Z Data Tools to add that name to the reference list. The data set name has to be actually allocated by Z Data Tools before it is added to the reference list.

In addition to Z Data Tools maintaining the reference list, you can create and maintain your own "personal data set lists" with details of up to 30 data sets in each list. You allocate a name to each personal data set list you create so that you can identify it. You can use personal data set lists to retrieve frequently used data set names and to create customized data set lists. This facility is similar to ISPF personal data set lists, but the lists are not interchangeable between ISPF and Z Data Tools.

Each list (that is, REFLIST and any personal data set lists you have created) includes the data set name and provision for storing associated details such as member name, volume serial, copybook or template data set name, and member name.

Z Data Tools maintains data set lists for each user ID, across functions, and from one Z Data Tools session to another. For example, say you browsed a data set a few days ago and now want to print some records from that same data set, you can find the details of that data set in REFLIST (and any personal data set lists you may have added the data set details to) providing you have not accessed more than 30 data sets in the meantime.

You can open any list (making it the "current data set list") and retrieve details to the function entry panel.

Whenever you view or edit a data set, Z Data Tools records the name of the data set in the reference list (REFLIST). If you specified a volume name on the function entry panel, or a member name for a PDS data set, Z Data Tools also records those details in the reference list. For a PDS, if you do not enter a member name on the function entry panel, but instead select it from the member selection list, Z Data Tools records just the data set name.

Z Data Tools also records the copybook or template data set name and member name, but only if they are used. For example, if the Copybook/template processing option is set to 3. None then, even if the Copybook or Template Data set name and Member entry fields are not blank, Z Data Tools does not record the contents of those entry fields in the reference list as those details were not used. This avoids the reference list (and potentially any personal data set lists) from holding irrelevant and unnecessary information.

You create personal data set lists by typing in the data set names (and optionally other details), or by saving an existing list (including the reference list) with a new name.