Supplying a procedure when using a Z Data Tools panel

If you are using one of the Z Data Tools panels that supports enhanced processing, specify the procedure name in the Use proc or Use REXX proc field on the panel:
/ Use proc ________

If you enter an * (asterisk) as the proc name, then Z Data Tools displays an ISPF edit panel where you can enter a temporary procedure for one time use. Use this method only for short, ad hoc procedures. If you want, you can use ISPF's CREATE command to save the procedure for later use.

Alternatively, you can allocate an HFMEXEC DD that identifies a PDS where your saved procedures reside. If you specify a member name, then Z Data Tools either edits a new member or runs with an existing member. Specifying a blank or a pattern other than * displays a member selection list of the PDS allocated to HFMEXEC. Concatenated HFMEXEC data sets are not supported under ISPF.

For example, if you store your procedures in a PDS called 'USERID.HFMEXEC' then, before using the Use proc field, you must issue a TSO ALLOC command similar to the following:

If errors are detected in the procedure when the function is run, Z Data Tools displays the errors in a message box. Correct the errors and rerun the function.